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HYDRAULIQUE CONNEXION : the emergency hydraulic hose specialist

Did a hydraulic hose just break on one of your machines?
Our mobile service is committed to arriving on site in less than an hour anywhere in the greater Montreal area.
Hydraulique Connexion is THE specialist in the emergency replacement of hydraulic hoses.

As soon as we arrive at the breakdown site, we dismantle, assemble and install a new hydraulic hose so that you can quickly resume your operations.

Our service will save your mechanic the trouble of having to travel. Our mobile units are all equipped with hydraulic hoses and fittings, specific tools for assembling hydraulic hoses, oil and a cleaning kit. Our experienced technicians quickly replace the hydraulic hose to ensure that you can get back to work quickly.

We also offer a six-month warranty on all hydraulic hoses carrying our brand-new identification system.

We can arrive on site within one hour 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call 514-767-0777, you’ll see the difference!

HYDRAULIQUE CONNEXION : Do it before it happens!

Are your machines stopped and you want the hydraulic hoses inspected so that they are ready for your next work sites?

Do you plan regular maintenance of your plant’s equipment?

You can call 514-767-0777 and ask our service for maintenance and inspection of hydraulic hoses.

A technician will be dispatched to check all the hydraulic hoses and warn you of any defects or premature wear. With your approval, our technician will immediately (or by appointment) disassemble the defective hydraulic hoses and install new ones.

Each new hydraulic hose will be assigned a unique identification code that provides you with a 6-month warranty and makes it easier to order when you decide to change it again.

HYDRAULIQUE CONNEXION : Innovate and save even more time!

As part of its expansion, HYDRAULIQUE CONNEXION has decided to innovate with a brand new service: HC-iD. This service, which gives a unique identification code to all hydraulic hoses assembled by HYDRAULIQUE CONNEXION, offers many advantages:
  • 1 hydraulic hose = 1 unique identification code (HC-iD) Each HC-iD specifies the features, components and accessories of the assembled hydraulic hose.
  • Traceability: Each HC-iD provides us with the date of manufacture of the hydraulic hose as well as the name of the technician who assembled it and the equipment it was installed on.
  • Convenience: When you provide us with the HC-iD when you call, you can rest assured that you have the right hydraulic hose when our technician arrives at your equipment’s location.
Whether you need emergency service or preventive maintenance of your equipment, an HC-iD will be permanently applied to each assembled hydraulic hose. When you call HYDRAULIQUE CONNEXION to make a new hydraulic hose, simply send us the HC-iD and we will assemble a new hydraulic hose as soon as possible. All you have to do afterwards is pick it up or have it delivered. In the event of an emergency service on your construction sites or your premises, please also provide us with the HC-iD. Our technician will be able to check if they have the right hydraulic connections, hoses and accessories before they leave and save you time.